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Stopping Headaches - A Wellness Series

The bad news: your diet can ruin your health and the health of your family. The good news is that your diet can improve your health and increase your feeling of well being. The following suggestions are designed to empower you to make easy changes in your diet and healthy choices to address common headaches.

Headache Trigger Foods

The following foods often contain chemicals that affect blood flow to the brain and encourage inflammation. Unfortunately, you will often crave the very food that is causing the reaction - now isn't that cruel?

The culprits are: dairy foods, chocolate, eggs, citrus foods, red meat, wheat, nuts, tomatoes, onions, corn and bananas. Additional headache triggers include alcohol and some very common food additives such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), artificial sweetners, sulfites, nitrates and food colors.

Powerful supplements to combat headaches

1. Feverfew -250mg/day on an empty stomach.
2. Ginger -1/4 teaspoon 4 times per day in a glass of water (filtered please). Ginger works by naturally blocking histamine and prostaglandin production - which play key roles in the inflamation reaction.
3. Magnesium, B6, Calcium and Vitamin D - Emotional stress robs us of these essential vitamins and minerals. Recommended daily dosages: Magnesium -400 to 700mg, B6 -100mg, Calcium - 1000-2000mg and 200 IU of Vitamin D.

For Women Only - Estrogenic Headache

As you well know, once a month your estrogen shifts make you headache prone. Thesse steps will help smooth out the estrogen roller coaster: eat more complex carbohydrates, reduce animal fat intake and increase your fiber intake. By reducing fat in your diet you will produce less estrogen and also decrease your risk of breast cancer.

Another helpful strategy for women is to use 150mg/day of vitamin B6. This vitamin not only removes estrogen from the liver, it also works to increase neurotransmitters that inhibit pain sensations and has been proven effective at easing depression and irritability.

Sinus Headaches

Anyone with this condition should be doing daily sinus irrigation with a product called netipot. This handy little device looks just like a miniature teapot and it works wonders in clearing and soothing the nasal mucosa. I also suggest the use oof eucalyptus oil vapors to really open and balance out the air flowbetween both nostrils. Additionally, decrease your consumption of "mucous- forming foods" - dairy, bread and pastas. Dairy is the first place to look for the cause of frequent respiratory and sinus conditions. Milk protein is the real culprit because it is so small that it can get into the body's blood stream without being completely digested. Once in the blood stream ythis milk protein is recognized by your immune system as a foreign invader and a low-level immune response. Milk consumption over time will fatique your immune system and leave you exposed to a weakend defensive system.

Gentle, Low Force Chiropractice - My Passion, My Speciality

In addition to dietary changes, you should have a chiropractic exam to identify spinal misalignments and muscle trigger points that are the underlying cause of many chronic headaches. During the exam both the patient and I immediately know when we have found the cause of the problem. After that the correction of the problem is straight forward, gentle and effective.